Head office:
1 Coleshill Street,
Sutton Coldfield,
B72 1SD

t: 0121 354 4034

e: info@opus-ifp.com

Technology and The Environment

A firm is more than just a name and an office. It is a group of individual people, all working hard to fulfil a common goal. In our case that is the delivery of high-quality lifestyle financial planning.

Here at Opus we have set of shared values – doing the right thing, putting client needs first, understanding our clients.

Another value we share, which is not always so obvious, is environmental responsibility.

To this end we have decided to work from an “upcycled” office at our beautiful Georgian building in Sutton Coldfield, rather than a new-build office space. We also have several recycling bins which we use where we can to reduce our contribution to landfill. A paperless office is an ideal we are starting to explore, too, although this is much easier said than done.

To reduce our carbon footprint further, we are currently exploring ways we communicate with clients such as using video-conferencing for virtual “meetings”, or electronic signatures on forms, or online data-gathering and fact-finding.

This will not only save travel time, but they can also be recorded and held on file for future reference, and enable us to focus more on the conversation, rather than taking notes. In this way we will get a better understanding of our clients, which in turn will enable us to provide them with a better quality of planning advice, and more meaningful recommendations.

This is a new departure for us, and will no doubt come with some teething problems, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day! If this is a method of communicating with us that you are interested in exploring in more detail, please let us know, and let’s get talking.